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Monday, April 12, 2021

The Rat Cap Podcast: Episode 12

 The Rat Cap Podcast: The Movement for Decentralization and The Origins of the Deep State, Part 1 (libsyn.com)

Discussion of recent efforts at decentralization, state sovereignty, and push back on Federal overreach.  Then we begin our two part series on The Origins of the Deep State - a history and analysis of America's renegade Deep State complex and the ideology justifying it.    


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Carl said...

Doug, interesting discussion. However, I hold little or no hope for an Article 5 Convention of States. Not because it couldn't happen, but because the population will not understand what is happening and the MSM will support the the DC swamp in the narrative that any such action is "rebellion" or "insurrection". As for the 10th Amendment, that was made null and void at Appomattox Court House. You allude to it in your 4-part timeline, in that after the Civil War, the Federal government began taking on a nationalist role. This accelerated under the Progressives and continues unabated today. All the expansion of the federal government has been instigated by the Fed itself; I can think of no instance where the states turned and delegated responsibility to the Fed. And, as you pointed out in earlier podcasts, the Fed's money generation/distribution schemes will prevent the states from objecting.