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Monday, March 15, 2021

The Rat Cap Podcast: Episode 9

The Rat Cap Podcast: Recap and Reformat, America 4.0 (libsyn.com)

A shorter podcast to summarize and recap my America 4.0 theory in the context of the fight for freedom and individual rights. 


Carl said...

Doug, if no one in either the current or the previous administrations, much less the general population, actually understands inflation, how do you think we will ever created a groundswell of opinion to either put an end to Federal inflationary practice or a succession movement?

The Rat Cap said...

We will never create a groundswell if we do nothing. So we must do something. First, we must get our side to understand it and see it as the heart (funding) of federal tyranny. Without the Fed, the central government simply could not exist at its current size without massive taxation and a subsequent revolution. Second, we must try and "popularize" the understanding of inflation by discussing it without jargon and in simplistic terms. People have to understand that is just like a tax - but worse. The politicians and their academic stooges have so obfuscated the terms of the debate that most people don't understand or think about it. Third, we must see inflation as one of many factors in the larger philosophical and political landscape that absolutely justifies and necessitates secession from the central government. It can spend an infinite amount to buy votes, corrupt the system, and buy its own defense. There is no way out without some sort of divorce from this corrupt behemoth.