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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The Rat Cap Podcast: Episode 4

The Rat Cap Podcast: Post-Moderns at the Gate: The Battle for Free Speech (libsyn.com)

Critical Theory and Postmodernist philosophy is at the core of the Left's authoritarian calls to silence, suppress, cancel, and censor right wing speech.  What is postmodernism and critical theory, what is its philosophic basis, and how is it being used to throttle free speech and destroy the fundamental pillar of Western Civilization?    


Carl said...

Doug, really enjoyed the discussion. Stephen Hick's comments about needs vs equality brings much of what the Leftist politicians say into perspective. Marcuse's quote about "aggressive performances of earning a living" also helps make sense of the Left's appeal to the underemployed. Ultimately, it helps make sense of Pelosi's apparent babbling about how guaranteed minimum income would "free" the recipients.

The Rat Cap said...

Carl, great point and I agree. Lamenting the natural requirement that humans must produce in order to survive is a recurring theme of Marxism. They see this not as a recognition of the nature of reality, but as a kind of arbitrary social imposition which they can "somehow" get out of if only....they wish hard enough, or pass enough laws, or something. Thus, "freedom" for the Marxist is not the freedom of actions, but rather, freedom from the requirements of reality, urging withdrawal from the "rat race" and opposing Marcuse's "One Dimensional Man." In classical Marxism, the idea was that since workers did not own the product of their labor, they were a kind of slave (this emanated from Adam Smith's flawed Labor Theory of Value). When the neo-Marxist saw that American workers were doing just fine, they flipped the narrative a little, but the basic idea is still there.