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Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Rat Cap Podcast: Episode 3

 The Rat Cap Podcast: Patriots Rise Again: The Whiskey Rebellion and the Storming of the Capital (libsyn.com)

Many are denouncing the recent riots in Washington DC. , but this is not the first time that frustration and angst over unjust federal over-reach has provoked riots.  In this episode, we discuss the anti-federalists at the Founding who warned of federal tyranny, and analyze the Whiskey Rebellion to see how our patriot ancestors dealt with despots.   


Carl said...

Doug, great show. One thing about the Whiskey Rebellion that you didn't mention is how the taxes were implemented. Remember, the rebellion occurred in what was then considered the "West". The farmers had corn and wheat harvests that they could not get to Eastern markets because of the bulk. So, they converted the grain into whiskey, as barrels of whiskey are easier to transport over the mountains than are wagons of bulk grain. The tax was applied to the farmers produce, not on the consumer purchased product. Plus, as I recall, there was a critical shortage of specie in the western areas; almost all specie was held in the East. Naturally, the government required the taxes to be paid in specie. So, the tax collectors confiscated the farmers produce. Unfortunately, I can't immediately find the book from which I'm sourcing this summary; I think I loaned it to a friend.

The Rat Cap said...

Thanks for added color Carl. Yes they did distill into whiskey to transport more easily over the mountain country and whiskey was a medium of exchange in the far West of that time, so taxing their whiskey amounted to a form of income tax that Easterners (of course) wouldn't have to pay. Let us know if you find more out.