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Friday, August 18, 2017

What Does the Left Think of Group X?

Say there was a group, Group X, known for its virulent anti-semitism, it's hatred of gays, and its endorsement of authoritarian dictatorship that seeks to violently purge any non-believers. Say this group has a recent history of carrying out deadly attacks on peaceful civilians to terrorize the population and even receives financial sponsorship and safe haven from wealthy patrons and governments around the world.
Would you urge tolerance for Group X? Would you argue that it's only some members of the group that are truly extreme and wish violence and that the majority just want to freely practice their beliefs? In the wake of another of Group X's atrocities, would your biggest fear be retaliation against Group X? Would you smear any opponent of Group X as GroupX-phobic and urge the importation of millions of Group X members to your community with impunity?
When I observe the left's reactions to both Islamic terrorism and neo-Nazis, I wonder about these things

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