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Monday, August 21, 2017

If the Witch Denies She is a Witch, Then She is a Witch

The progressive left has succeeded in falsely tying themselves to the moral high ground of "tolerance and diversity" which, for many, seems to connote the laudable philosophy of colorblindness - treating people, both morally and legally, based on their character and actions and not on their race, i.e., actual anti-racism.

At the same time, they have laid the intellectual framework of critical race theory, a racist theory that criticizes focusing on colorblindness and posits that all white people are guilty of an incurable Original Sin - "whiteness."

In this video, Ashleigh Shackleford asserts, as a matter of fact, that all white people are born as racist, inhuman demons.  To these types, as in the christian concept of Original Sin, denial is itself regarded as an example of the sin.  This leaves only one alternative for the guilty: confession and repentance.  Note the increasingly religious tone and behavior, including calls not only for meek confession and repentance, but the denial of free, rational counter-argument and the rooting out and persecution of non-believers.  (Here is a blog post I saw that reads like a religious missionary guidebook.)

Actual civil rights advocates, those who believe in colorblindness, need to reclaim the moral high ground and challenge this increasingly dangerous academic orthodoxy before it's too late.  The history of challenging violent religious dogma is not pretty.

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