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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chavez is Dead, But His Evil Ideas Live On

In celebration of the death of Chavez, here is a link to all the posts I have written about his evil regime. I think my posts are still relevant because the theme of each is generally not political but rather philosophical.  So although I briefly analyze the evil of price controls and socialized medicine, the failure of public education, the stifling of free speech, the nationalization of major industries, etc. in the context of Venezuela, these specific policies should all be seen as instances of a broader philosophical movement - a movement which is haunting us today. It's important to explain and analyze the underlying philosophy of a dictator, otherwise, another one will quickly take his place.  In this context, I think some of the posts are more relevant than ever.  My favorite is this post which relates the philosophical premises of Chavez, Obama, and Van Jones and explains why they are similar focusing on the tragically flawed notion that socialists have "good intentions." This is my second favorite.    

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