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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bill Frezza: American Voters Choose Obama To Lead Us - Down The Road To Ruin

Bill Frezza, writing in Forbes, pretty much sums up my feelings.  Here is an excerpt:  
Let the warring tribes we’ve been divided into struggle to redistribute the evaporating wealth of a nation in decline. Let radical egalitarians see what happens when they get the equality of outcome they demand. Let those on the dole try to collect on their precious “right” to free stuff when bureaucratic rationing replaces the market’s invisible hand once the cornucopia of goods and services start running dry. 
Press pundits call business leaders selfish for trying to preserve a free market system that makes it possible to pay for the growing array of entitlements reducing our countrymen to a state of dependency. Angry mobs shake their fists at success claiming the rewards are unfair, foolishly believing you can have one without the other. Treasury officials recklessly borrow from foreign powers hoping our profligacy can go on forever. Politicians think they can extract enough money from the 1 percent to provide an unearned standard of living to the 99%—or at least to as many interest groups as it takes to cobble together an electoral majority looking to consume more and more as they produce less and less. 
Do you want to see what Forward really means, what’s in store for our children, what the end game looks like? Then keep your eyes on Greece, the birthplace of democracy, as it slides into a war of all against all. 
Good luck, America. We are going to need it.

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