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Monday, May 16, 2011

Will: The Dreamliner Nightmare

I recommend George Will's recent op-ed pertaining to the Obama administration's attack on Boeing, yet another example of the left's general attack on the productive. He writes:
Just as uncompetitive companies try to become wards of the government (beneficiaries of subsidies, tariffs, import quotas), unions unable to compete for workers’ allegiance solicit government compulsion to fill their ranks. The NLRB’s reckless attempt to break a great corporation, and by extension all businesses, to government’s saddle — never mind the collateral damage to the economy — is emblematic of the Obama administration’s willingness to sacrifice the economy on the altar of politics.


Cato said...

Boeing is not a productive enterprise, they subsist, by large upon the anticompetitive structure of American Trade Policy and military and other government contracts.

The Rat Cap said...


That's a total non sequitur.

First, you can certainly question how they (or any private business) would fare on a completely open market, but that is not logical grounds for claiming they are not a productive enterprise.

Second, you would still have military contracts in a laissez faire system unless you believe in no government at all, in which case, we can end the discussion.

The Rat Cap said...

Third, the context of the article is not particular to just Boeing but to the larger question of government interference in the economy, specifically, forcing companies (and employees) to deal with unions against their own will.