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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Left's War on Free Speech Continues

In a series of previous posts (particularly, this one), I have attempted to document and analyze the left's continuing attempts to abrogate the right to free speech. If you are concerned about preserving the right to think and speak freely, two recent FCC proposals should be of concern.  

One new regulation is designed to promote "diversity in news programming." FCC commissioner Michael Copps has suggested making "a broadcaster's license renewal contingent upon proof that they meet a prospective set of federal criteria."  
He said outlets should be mandated to do the following: prove they have made a meaningful commitment to public affairs and news programming, prove they are committed to diversity programming (for instance, by showing that they depict women and minorities), report more to the government about which shows they plan to air, require greater disclosure about who funds political ads and devote 25 percent of their prime-time coverage to local news. 
Is it the government's function to "regulate" news programming?  By what standard?  Who should decide what is "diverse" and why that is even a value?  Once again, we see the fingerprints of "choice architect", Cass Sunstein, Obama's head of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, who wants the state to decide what is the best way to condition its "Ideal Citizens," i.e., determine what is best for you.   

The Hill.com also reports on the FCC's continuing effort to enforce so-called "net neutrality." 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a Christmas gift in store for the phone and cable industry: it may move ahead on its controversial net-neutrality regulations three days before Christmas
Since it has not been able to win this case in an open forum, it is trying to ram it through outside the normal channels of public scrutiny. 

The timing of the meeting is already raising eyebrows. Some see it as a way to move the matter along before the GOP assumes the majority and while Congress is not in session to criticize the effort.
This is an outrage.  That a government agency has the unilateral authority to impose this kind of sweeping regulation on an entire industry is bad enough, but to hold a bogus meeting outside the parameters of even its own public show meetings, is despicable. 

Would you expect anything less from power lusters who believe they know what is best for you? 


Shane Atwell said...

thanks for staying on this. most important battle we have to fight.

The Rat Cap said...

Thanks Shane.

It's not a glamorous topic, but the most important. Nothing else matters if we can't speak out.