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Thursday, July 29, 2010

YouTube - Milton Friedman Puts A Young Michael Moore In His Place


HaynesBE said...

I guess he never did get Friedman's points.

The Rat Cap said...


I have seen this kind of intellectual disposition frequently. You can tell that Moore is concerned, passionate but he fails to grasp the wider principle involved, and never has. I'm not sure if it's psychological, intellectual or both, but there is a disconnect that's hard to explain. While i wrote about his explicit philosophy in a previous post, I'm speculating theres something deeper that separates people inclined to think in principle and those who can not. There is such a stark contrast between great rational thinkers and the muddled establishment liberal- this vid dies a great job dramatizing it

Anthony said...

"I'm a supporter of abortion. Therefore I don't believe that every single human life is sacred. I believe that principles have to be balanced."

What a scary line of reasoning (or I guess more accurately rationalization).

Does anyone have any good evidence that this is actually Moore?

The Rat Cap said...

I dug around and a lot of people asking is this really Moore. Not conclusive but the youtube guy claims it is. However, I ran across a few choice comments in various places re this video:

"This Michael Moore hasn’t yet discovered bacon cheeseburgers, but he has discovered liberal illogic and self-righteousness."

And this one:

"Little something from the late 1970s, which means Moore is somewhere in his early to mid-twenties. At first you won’t believe that’s him, but hang in there. He’s much younger and thinner (weren’t we all), so you have too look and watch closely. After a while, the eyes, gestures, double talk, appeals to emotionalism and complete inability to understand or respect logic and facts will start to look familiar.

The debate is an interesting time capsule of a time when the Left pretended to be worried about auto safety. Today Moore and his liberal friends want us all driving one of these deathtraps down the freeway amongst semi-trucks and all the big limos transporting environmentalists like Al Gore to Earth Day ceremonies.

We’ll take the Ford Pinto with or without the $13 gizmo any day."

Anonymous said...

The abortion line of "Michael Moore" leads me to believe it is not him.

If I recall correctly, he has ducked the question of being pro-life or pro-choice before, leading me to believe he's pro-life (and trying to avoid upsetting his followers).

Even if he is pro-choice, it's illogical that he'd just come out with such a controversial statement in his youth, but not do it now when it's how he makes his millions.

So color me skeptical.

GM said...

I doubt it's Michael Moore, but the guy who poste it wanted to make a point I guess.

Look, if a system leads perfectly rationally to situations we cannot accept, then perhaps we can't really accept the system. It's just like a scientific test -- no matter how much we may like the philosophical beauty behind an explanation of how the world works, if it doesn't match observation, it's not right. Period.

Except, in science, there is one objective reality and we can all observe it. Here, our morality is subjective and affected by the society we live in. So if you grow up in a liberal home you will find it hard to accept that people should suffer because of principles of free markets. And if you grew up in a libertarian home, you will find it hard to accept that a government has to impose taxes on the populace because of something the majority of the country thinks is important (such as access to minimum education for kids).

At the end of the day, we all know one thing -- our living standards and expectations are going up every 100 years.