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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Obama to Press: Stay Away or Go to Jail

From the beginning, the Obama regime has made it clear that they are serious about carefully controlling the media. While this is to be expected from virtually any political regime, the Obama administration has taken these efforts to a frightening level.

Previously, I
documented the creation of a Soviet style Department of Agitprop (http://www.whitehouse.gov/) and discussed a dust up between the White House press reporters and Gibbs related to the staged "town hall" meetings on health care. Of course, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Recall the administration's health care snitch line (flag@whitehouse.gov) to turn in anyone suspected of being "fishy." Here, I analyzed the left's multi-pronged strategy to overthrow the First Amendment right to free speech through campaign finance regulation, hate-speech codes, and so-called "fairness doctrines." Following the passage of rules that threaten bloggers, I discussed other "thought police" trial balloons, including the FCC's recent draft proposal concerning the "reinvention of journalism" which considers government subsidies to old media (in exchange for objective reporting on the government, of course) along with rules to stifle Internet news outlets and bloggers. Obama used the state of the union to unleash an unprecedented attack on the independent judiciary related to their decision (to uphold free speech!) in Citizens United vs FEC. This spawned efforts to pass the Disclose Act (or "Government Wants You to Shut Up Act") which, in total opposition to the SOTUS ruling, seeks new restrictions on the political speech of incorporated organizations (except those organizations who obtained special exemptions in exchange for supporting the bill).

The LA Times discusses the coming collision of the SOTUS with the POTUS, a collision that can not come soon enough.

Two recent cases have also made headlines. A Justice Department lawyer, J. Christian Adams, recently resigned over the decision by Obama's Attorney General to dismiss a "slam dunk" voter intimidation case "where members of the New Black Panther Party were videotaped in front of a polling place, dressed in military-style uniforms and allegedly hurling racial slurs while one brandished a night stick." Adams claims that "nobody thought there was any doubt that this was the clearest case of voter intimidation that I've seen since I've been practicing law."

The other case is documented in this
video report by CNN's Anderson Cooper. Apparently, the Coast Guard has just passed a rule that threatens fines and felony charges to any reporter, photographer, or anyone else from getting "within 65 feet of any response vessel or booms out on the water or on beaches". Anderson rightly argues that this rule will effectively stop reporters from filming oil soaked wildlife or any other unsavory images from the spill.

These lap dog reporters, who failed to subject Obama Jesus to any serious scrutiny in the election and who have done nothing but kowtow to his fascist agenda, are now seeing their chickens come home to roost. These are the same reporters who failed to grasp or even consider the philosophy of Obama's "regulatory czar",
Cass Sunstein, who chillingly wrote:
...a system of limitless individual choices with respect to communications is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government, and efforts to reduce the resulting problems ought not to be rejected in freedom’s name.
Dear MSM: wake up.


LL said...

It's amazing that the press is reacting to this (with the exception of Anderson Cooper) like a bunch of heel hounds being brought up short on a rope.

barack hussein obama and his toadies are treasonous in their intentions and curs in their behavior toward the American people.

JimWoods said...

I have compared Speaker Pelosi to Evillene from the movie "The Wiz;" her song "No Bad News" describes the Dems views towards objective reporting and reality.

The Rat Cap said...





HaynesBE said...

Nice post with good links.

Where is the Sunstein quote from? I'd like to read more of context from that quote. Thanks.

The Rat Cap said...


Check out the link I provide just before the quote - in that post, I link to Sunstein

Galileo Blogs said...

Most statists will throttle freedom in seemingly small steps. Without the full context to judge those actions, each step could seem less threatening than it actually is. Thank you for establishing the full context and pattern so that we can clearly see Obama's objective with regard to free speech.

Moreover, Obama's actions with regard to free speech further reveal his grander statist "ambition." It is a historical fact that actual and would-be dictators must suppress free speech because it threatens them with the truth.

The truth sets us free, but our freedom is not Obama's goal. Quite the opposite.

The Rat Cap said...


you're so right about the incremental steps - each one is designed to seem limited and reasonable, but the pattern and overall trend is unmistakable - however, I've noticed that a lot of these policies are not even Incremental- they represent phenonmenal expansions of power, particularly the campaign finance rules which literally prevent political speech "around" elections - the hate speech stuff is now being extended to cover criticism of Islam, seey links to various cases in Canada and Europe - the left is making serious headway in Europe at stifling free speech - america is literally all that's left that still has pretty fierce support for free speech but that is dwindling as the progressives chip away