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Monday, July 26, 2010

Frezza: "When Will the U.S. Go the Way of Rome?"

Excellent piece by Bill Frezza.


Burgess Laughlin said...

The author has rightly pointed out disturbing similarities in symptoms.

> "Rome was the peak of civilization for a thousand years."

This is not true. Civilization is the process of setting the individual free from dictates by the group. In that or any conventional sense, I doubt Rome was at a peak for more than a couple of hundred years, if that. Rule by law is, however, one of that culture's lasting gifts.

The article does not address the cause of problems in Rome and America. Dr. John Lewis has given a short lecture series, "Ideas and the Fall of Rome," showing that corrupt philosophy demolished Roman culture. I highly recommend it.


The problem is philosophical. Changing the philosophical roots of a culture requires heavy lifting: decades long specialized effort -- as the writer of this weblog knows and is implementing.

The Rat Cap said...

I have also listened to that lecture by Dr. Lewis and recommend it. Thanks Burgess.