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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Modern Resume

The New Republic discusses a Delaware native, Adam Wheeler, who now faces criminal charges for faking his way into Harvard and conning the university out of $45,000 in financial aid. The best part of the story is their posting of Wheeler's resume which he apparently sent to the New Republic while seeking work. This resume is truly a work of comedic genius and reflects an amazing level of insight into modern academia. Every time I go through it, I find something new to crack me up. For example, here is an excerpt from his description of one of his "in progress" book manuscripts titled Mappings, Unmappings, and Remappings in which he attempts "to explain the experience of geographical and textual space in modern writing":

By restoring the experience of disorientation, I argue that getting lost becomes a radical discourse that reflects back to us how we orient ourselves—what we pay attention to as we move through physical space and how we construe meaning as we move through a text from page to page.
He also claims to have given an invited lecture (among others) titled “The Rime of the Book of the Dove: Zoroastrian Cosmology, Armenian Heresiology, and the Russian Novel" and to have expertise in many languages including "Old Persian." The scary thing is that this could be an actual modern academic's resume, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Are we surprised he was able to fool Harvard? Enjoy.

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jboterino said...

He is so hired. Great resume!