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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kagan Exposed

In case you have bought into the MSM' s widely reported claim that Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, has no ideological footprint - check out Ed Cline's exposé, Kagan the Pragmatist “Societal” Girl, over at The Dougout. Not surprisingly, she appears to be cut from the same radical statist cloth that litters Obama's thugocracy and could threaten individual liberty for decades. He concludes:
Obviously, her views have not so much “evolved significantly” as expanded to encompass the whole Alinskyite/Obama policy of “hope” for “change.” They certainly have not mellowed and become less strident. The “socialist radicals” have moved from New York City to Washington. Kagan’s “roots” have only grown deeper, and are part of a vast interlocking root system that includes those of Bill Ayers, DavidAxelrod, Cass Sunstein….and Barack Obama.

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Mike said...

The MSM is all atwitter today that the main issue of Kagan's nomination is her purported sexuality. She has self-identified as straight, but she shouldn't have had to say anything on the topic. Straight or gay, the problem is that she is a self-described "quintessential pragmatist." And that's OK for many jobs, from sales manager to small-town mayor, but it is NOT OK for a judge, who has to be completely agnostic to the pragmatic dimension of an issue or dispute and rule entirely on principle and the black-letter law.