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Monday, April 5, 2010

Frezza: Why Do You Think They Call it Progressivism?

I enjoyed this post by Bill Frezza.

First you lend a helping hand for a worthy cause, castigating stingy critics who claim this is the first step of a takeover. Then you ramp up the flow of subsidies creating a new dependent class. Once the dollars get big you have to enact regulations to make sure taxpayer money is spent wisely. This, of course, never happens as you begin outspending even the wildest forecasts. Hoping to control costs you introduce a public option, demonizing profiteers. Soon you are wallowing in waste and fraud, allowing you to position yourself as a reformer. Predictably, the reform is eliminating private competition altogether.

This is the time honored way to slowly overcome the distrust most citizens have when the government tries to take over large swaths of the economy.

Why do you think they call it Progressivism?


Burgess Laughlin said...

Excellent identification of the methods of "Progressives." In my view . . .

Revolutionary statists are those who want to overthrow a whole system and directly replace it with radical statism.

Progressive statists are those who want to establish a statist system serially, step by step.

Conservative statists are those who want most of all to "conserve" the statism now in place and to add to it cautiously after consulting God and Tradition.

One of the entertaining aspects of fighting statism, and its philosophical foundations, is that we are treated to so much variety.

The Rat Cap said...

Great taxonomy Burgess.

I would add that "revolutionary statist" are principled but wrong. "progressive statists" are pragmatists and "conservative statists" are motivated by religion.

Note that all have unreason and altruism as their common denominator.