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Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Now It's Up to the Bear"

Good piece by Robert Tracinski focusing on the politics and back story of health care, including discussion of the unconstitutional "Slaughter Rule" or "deem-and-pass" tactic that Democrats are threatening to use, writing that "this whole idea of passing a bill 'without explicitly voting for it' is the greatest evasion of legislative responsibility, the most blatant expression of contempt for the public, that I have ever seen from Congress." Hear , hear.

Incidentally, did anyone have the stomach to watch the Fox interview with Obama last night? Video 1 and Video 2. A pretty succinct analysis is provided by Tom Bevan here who writes:
Obama came across as both dismissive and non-responsive to Brett Baier's insistent questioning about the process. He implicitly approved using parliamentary gymnastics to pass the Senate bill, and he didn't provide very specific or convincing answers about which "special deals" will be included in the final legislation. In the end, he repeated familiar bromides about the benefits and centrist nature of his plan, all of which the public has heard ad nauseam for months and few of which they appear to believe
That is all an understatement. Obama's level of evasiveness was sickening (and bizarre given that at one point he claimed that the bill's bribe to Louisana will "help with the earthquake in Hawaii"...). For the leader of the executive branch, who has taken a solemn oath to protect and preserve the U.S. Constitution, to dismiss concerns about the constitutionality (much less the ethics) of passing a bill of this magnitude without actually voting on it as mere "procedural issues" that he does not "pay much attention to" is absolutely appalling. This Marxian "the end justifies the means" argument is not the tactic even of a typical political opportunist. It is the tactic of a dictator.

Let us "sharpen our claws" indeed.

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