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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did She Really Say That?

Pelosi re health bill:

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."


Unknown said...

I know this isn't the case and that it's fantasizing...but wouldn't it be great if Pelosi worked hard to get the bill passed, succeeded, and then found out that it repealed all the regulations in medicine and on insurance companies?

The Rat Cap said...

She would have read that bill carefully and denounced it...

It goes back to a post I wrote


"why liberals don't read their bills..."

I wrote:

Since they take a non-conceptual or non-objective approach, they must rely on faith or belief in the absence of evidence which necessitates appealing to others on the basis of non-cognitive factors such as emotion or mysticism. Consequently, the left must urge others to believe their ideas, not because they can prove that they are right, but because it feels good, or equivalently, because the opposing view scares them. Any rational scientist would be eager to stand up and demonstrate the validity of his theory by reference to the facts and the use of logic. Conversely, the intellectually bankrupt left hides from their opposition and offers nothing but slurs and appraisals of their emotions.

This is part of the reason that liberal congressmen, in defiance of economic and scientific logic, impetuously vote for Byzantine bills that threaten to upend a significant portion of the economy without bothering to analyze the details. The bills appeal to them on an emotional level - the level on which they are accustomed to operating. While it is a fact that the bills appeal to them emotionally, the question of why the particular content of these bills appeals to them still remains. I believe the answer rests on further consequences of the denial of objective epistemology and ethics...