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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Over 50,000 Served!

At the beginning of 2009, my goal was to reach 20,000 page hits by the end of the year. I'm proud to report that today, the hit counter went over 50,000.

Thanks to everybody for visiting, commenting, and linking my site. I want to especially thank all those who regularly comment. It really adds to the blog and helps clarify my own thinking. Additionally, the feedback helps me focus on topics and issues that interest people. So please comment as much as you can or email me if you have something particular.

I have met a lot of great people and am continually amazed at the quality and quantity of writing and the number of people engaged in intellectual activism. I look forward to adding to the effort in 2010.

(Incidentally, I am starting a sister blog called "The Rational Artist" to discuss, uh, art and culture. Stay tuned!)

Happy Holidays and thanks again!


mike250 said...

congrats and would be great if you can explore other topics like the black and white view, animal "rights" and mind-body dichotomy.

C. August said...

Awesome! As a fellow blogger, I'm curious where you started out in January? Are you saying you have 50,000 so far this year, or your total hits since you started the blog a few years ago equals 50K?

I'm only at about 35K since April of '08. I'm wondering if the fact that I have 200 subscribers on my Feedburner feed is what is keeping my hits down? (i.e. no one has to click through to the blog -- they just read in their feed reader) I do have 55K views through Feedburner too. I tried showing only an excerpt in my feed for awhile, like you do, but it depressed the total number of subscribers.

Of course, if I could keep to a 5 post per week schedule, that would certainly help things.

The Rat Cap said...


I started year at about 10,000. I had put the hit counter on sometime last year. So, at beginning of year, I thought if I could get to 20,000 by end of year it would be good. Now, I'm getting between 4,000 and 5,000 hits per month or about 100-150 per day.

I know that many subscribe through RSS but I do not know how to measure this or if I'm losing "hits" on the actual site. I know in Google Reader, it gives first paragraph, and then takes you back to site for whole.

I'm new to this whole RSS thing and stringing all the various social networks together is tough. I think the hit counter and google analytics gives you a good sample of traffic and content popularity.

My other dilemma, perhaps others can comment, is that the long posts take more time for me and readers and although more rewarding, not sure if as popular. Traffic tends to die if I don't post very often and so led to doing more concise, pithy posts.

My approach now is to do both. Keep things moving with the shorter posts and then throw in a longer one periodically. Not sure what people find more valuable, as the shorter posts offer less and tend to overlap with what others are doing.

Rational Education said...


Congrats. I have recently become a regular visitor on your blog and thoroughly enjoy every visit.

From personal experience I would think it would be hard to write up the long pieces, since they are not mere reporting and take a lot more intellectual effort, energy and time to put together. I have to develop the discipline myself of writing one such original piece on a regular basis. The shorter pieces help keep the freshness and tempo on the site for regulars.

The intellectual material of your posts is of the highest quality and I would hope that your blog gets an even wider readership, especially among the 18-35 year olds.
Best wishes.

The Rat Cap said...


Thanks so much for the good advice and compliment. Talk to you soon!


Galileo Blogs said...

Keep up the good work, Doug! You are one of the handful of blogs that I read regularly.

The Rat Cap said...

Thanks for the support GB!

garret seinen said...

Doug, there are lots of 'news' posters but few indeed that give the degree and quality of analysis that you give. That's why I come back.
On the longer post, would breaking them into tantalizing daily segments of say, no more than 500 words, be an idea? Might save you working your fingers to the bone trying to post 5 times a week.
cheers, gs

Celeste Bell Rebecca Goodall Phillip Kelly -Ayo said...

bravo....should this blog not be renamed the selfish capitalist though?....just a thought x