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Monday, November 9, 2009

Physician Slavery Bill Roundup from the "Teabag People"

Here are a few links related to the 2,000 page Health Care bill nightmare that has been rammed down our throats.

Beth Haynes asks:

To those who think such laws are not only legitimate, but good, I ask, on what grounds do you justify this blatant intrusion into my peaceful and private life? On what basis can you deprive me of the property I have peacefully and honestly obtained? What crime have I committed to be stopped from directing my own life and the use of my own resources in a manner furthers my life, and the lives of those I value, and perpetrates no harm to others?
In The Negation of Freedom, C. August quotes Judge Andrew Napolitano on America's one party system -The Big Government Party.

Gus Van Horn discusses the "reptillian Pelosi's" hatred of America in Pelosi's Betrayal.

Betsy McCaughey of The Wall Street Journal reports on the frightening details buried in this legislation in What The Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says. (HT: Jason Crawford, OActivists)

Cancer survivor and OActivist member Hannah Krening had this excellent op-ed published in The Denver Post. She writes:

Ask yourself: who do you think should be in charge of these kinds of decisions and work? Our smooth-talking president and his minions? Or medical personnel thinking and working for the benefit of their paying patients? Is it really in your best interest as a patient to have your doctor's mind forced by government?
Illustrating how government controls beget more government controls, Dick Morris analyzes the bribes/threats made to the AARP and AMA to get them on board. (HT: John Lewis, OActivists).

The New Clarion is Watching the Water Circle.

The NYT reports on Obama's last minute pitch to Democrats which included discussion of the "teabag, anti-government people."


Rational Education said...

a short editorial in WSJ today on the mask slipping from John Cassidy, at the New Yorker on the health bill. The original piece from Cassidy is at:

I did not have the patience to read the entire piece -but my skim did show that it was revealing piece in its honesty.


The Rat Cap said...

Thanks Jasmine! I will check it out.

HaynesBE said...

I am honored to be included with such illustrious company.
When I learned that coffee became an American favorite as a substitute to tea during the colonial protests of British taxes, that fact added to the enjoyment of my morning cup.
Now my afternoon tea will become more flavorful as I steep in the pride of being a "Teabag People."

The Rat Cap said...

Hear, Hear to the Teabag People!