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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Be Careful What You Think

I highly recommend Ari Armstrong's excellent post related to the FTC's new rules that go into effect today, which threaten fines and imprisonment for non-compliant bloggers. He states:

The new rules pose a variety of problems. The FTC has no legitimate authority to issue such rules, which defy the First Amendment and constitute censorship and the chilling of free speech. The rules are extremely broad, ranging from free review copies of books to Twitter posts. The rules are arbitrary and ambiguous, such that their precise requirements and penalties cannot be determined in advance. The rules thus open the door to political abuses. The rules are discriminatory in that they subject bloggers to different standards than print journalists.

The FTC is acting in blatant defiance of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and therefore the FTC should be abolished and its rules rescinded.

He also provides links to other commentary.

Some may see this as a narrow rule pertaining to only a subset of bloggers and hence, not appreciate the wider implications. As Armstrong aptly demonstrates, the implications of such rules are ominous.

In previous
posts, I have discussed the various trial balloons being floated by opponents of free speech, noting that these particular regulations bare all the hallmarks of "choice architect", Cass Sunstein, in his drive to "nudge" the masses towards realizing his version of the ideal "citizen." Make no mistake, freedom of speech, the last pillar of civilization, is under attack.


garret seinen said...

and nothing terrifies them as much as the internet, the poor man's access to news reporting, rather than repeating or ...silence.

Year one is not up till January, Doug do you care to speculate as to what will have been violated by year four, let alone eight?

The Rat Cap said...


I'm actually more sanguine than it might appear. Obama's posse is exposing the true nature of the left and his popularity is declining rapidly. There is a real American spirit reemerging and it will serve to slow down the onslaught and perhaps buy us some time. Unchecked, of course, Obama has Nazi/Bolshevik potential but I doubt he will be able to realize it that soon.