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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Essence of Socialized Medicine Exposed

Rarely do we hear a blatant exposition of the essence of egalitarianism from the left. Their ideology is usually cloaked in banal platitudes and ad hominem smears of any who dares to oppose them. That is why this video of a recent Robert Reich speech, linked over at Wealth is Not the Problem, is so startling. Beth Haynes subtitled her post "No Additional Comments Needed". Indeed, no comments to her comment about no comments needed either.


C. August said...

I'm without YouTube at work, but I just have to say before anyone else does:

"No comment."

HaynesBE said...

That video clip is pretty startling. Thanks for for the link and for spreading the word, comments or no.

C. August said...

OK, I just watched it, and yes, it's pretty shocking. I had actually read a transcript of that speech somewhere else, but hearing the nice folks in the audience applaud when he said "we're not going to give drugs to old people, and instead just let them die" or "we won't have anymore innovations so you won't live any longer than your parents" was quite startling. Is that really what an "enlightened citizenry" would vote for if they were able to "tell myth from reality" as he put it?


But wait. That's what most of them have voted for already.

The Rat Cap said...


YES. The applauding crowd is unnerving. However, you can tell that even the applause are sort of a nervous applause if you know what I mean. There is a slight pause and then a kind of "hmmmm" from the crowd at the same time. The whole thing is just startling but I give him credit for being honest about his evil.