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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blogs Under Attack By Our Choice Architect

In a previous post, I discussed Obama's horrifying nomination of Cass Sunstein to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs concluding:

As a Platonist, Sunstein views himself as a Philosopher King able to divine the ideal forms of morality and politics which he and the chosen few must convey to the masses otherwise distracted by celebrities and sports news. As a pragmatist (or regulator), he must execute concrete actions to bring about the ideal world as revealed to the Left. As a behaviorist, his plans are predicated on the idea that humans must be herded like cattle to partake in "shared experiences" and "unchosen exposures" which will transform them into "ideal" citizens.
Recently, Sunstein, the self described "choice architect", was successfully nominated, and it is therefore not surprising to me that internet freedom is now under attack. Beth Haynes has a great roundup of various articles on this topic.

Freedom of speech, perhaps the last pillar holding up the remnants of Western Civilization, is under assault. I documented this in a different context in my previous post Trial Balloon of the Century saying:

...if freedom of speech were to be abrogated in the United States, it would be the final straw for advocates of freedom and should lead to an all out revolution. This is because without the freedom to think, all other rights are meaningless.
Anyone who values their freedom should understand the precedents being set by these regulations and act to stop them before it is too late.

* See this re the Obama's administrations co-sponsoring of a UN resolution (with Egypt!) to limit freedom of expression (HT: Beth Haynes) (will have more to say on this later, it is right out of Cass Sunstein's playbook)

* See this excellent op-ed re the FTC's attack on bloggers (HT: Ari Armstrong, OActivists)


LL said...

The problem with the ObamaNation is not that one of them is a kook or odd-ball. The whole lot of them are a weird collection of misfits and political parasites whose political views run from utopian socialists to Marxists with some Dr. Torqemada style nihilists thrown in for good measure.

None of them seem to have the slightest shred of decency in them.

And of course their works follow their characters.

HaynesBE said...
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HaynesBE said...

Another Article to check out:
"You Can't Say That"