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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Deliver Us, Obama": Religious Left Update

In a previous post, Intellectual Role Reversal: Towards 'The Good Deal', I stated the following:
In fact, just like the Religious Right, the Left has rejected reason as a means of knowledge, and so the only alternative open to them is faith, i.e., belief in the absence of evidence or mysticism. Many socialists, like Obama, have turned to movements like Liberation Theology which fuses Christianity with Marxism described in my post At Least Pastor Wright Is Consistent. This trend was on full display at the Democratic National Convention which I described in my post The Religious Left.
In my post, Voting for Our Masters: The 2008 Election, I stated: 
Although Obama is a pragmatist philosophically his default ideology is liberation theology which I also described in the linked posts. Liberation theology fuses christian altruism with the political ideals of Marxism. Although socialism as a political ideal is dead, the underlying philosophy of altruism (particularly in a culture steeped in religious altruism) in the hands of a young, articulate opportunist is dangerous. Just as Objectivists were warning of the dangers of religious altruism dominating the right and subverting any rational defense of capitalism on the part of Republicans, religion of the leftist variety must be also be feared practically. The combination of altruism, collectivism, and mysticism in Weimar Germany were the philosophical preconditions which led to the rise of the Nazi's. Obama gives these philosphical conditions an articulate charismatic voice.
Keep this in mind while you watch this video (sent to me by a friend) that shows community organizers literally praying to Obama as they demand socialized medicine. At the end of each demand by the speaker, the crowd chants, "Hear Our Cry, Obama" or "Deliver Us, Obama".  I think the conclusion now is the same conclusion I reached then:
If the Democrats adopt religion they will officially and properly be recognized as The Party of Big Government and there will be an opening to reshape the Republican Party into the party of classic liberalism... The Democrats should be the party of Big Government in all of its manifestations and perhaps those on the Religious Right who seek to use the power of the State to impose religion will realize that they have a new home elsewhere.
My view generally is let the Democrats have religion, altruism, Marxism and ultimately fascism in the form of Obama. Let them take their rightful place as the Party of Big Government. Secondly, a resounding defeat of the Republicans may force a revolution in the party and fall out in the top leadership (although I doubt it). 
At least part of this seems to be happening.


principled perspectives said...


You are absolutely correct that “Although socialism as a political ideal is dead, the underlying philosophy of altruism … in the hands of a young, articulate opportunist is dangerous.” The merging of Christianity and socialism via Liberation Theology (which I heretofore hadn’t heard of) is a terrific observation and is further evidence of what I have dubbed “Obama’s Christian Strategy”. His infusion of Original Sin over slavery into the national identity, embrace of Bush’s faith-based initiatives, choice of the Christian Right’s Pastor Rick Warren for his inaugural invocation, and his courting of the “pro-life” faction at his Notre Dame commencement address are all consistent with this president’s strategy to hitch his socialist wagon to the engine of Christianity.

It’s a time of peril but also of enormous opportunity, as the fundamental individualism/collectivism conflict is now moving onto the “final frontier” – the moral battleground.

The Rat Cap said...


Thanks for the comment.

I have been making this claim for some time but have not got a lot of commentary on it. Obama's mentor Pastor Wright is out of the Black Liberation Theology movement


This fusion of Christianity and Marxism is logical and potentially very powerful. I'm glad you noticed it too.

The "Religious Left" as I have been calling it could be the next big movement for the left. If you notice in my Michael Moore post, I quote him as basing his position directly on Christianity. We are hearing more and more direct appeals to religion by the left. This is a total intellectual role reversal and very positive development in some ways because they are taking their rightful place in the category of faith based philosophies.

The Rat Cap said...


Also, the environmentalist movement (as I've been arguing forever) is a religious movement although more pagan in character although, many mainstream religious denominations are adopting their prececpts (take care of God's earth...)

principled perspectives said...

I concur with all that you’re saying, Doug. We are following a parallel line of thought. I first recognized the Left-Christianity link back when Obama made his Reverend Wright speech in March 2008, although not the connection to Liberation Theology and its black offshoot. Thanks for raising that awareness.

Leonard Peikoff has long advanced the idea that religion, not socialism, is the most serious long-term threat to America. But the merging of religion with socialism (and environmentalism, too) seems to be an unexpected, though logical, development, I think. The silver lining is that the battle lines are becoming more sharply drawn.

We could be witnessing a momentous shift in American politics, as you so alluded. Even many Leftists who are disappointed with Obama don’t yet get it. They’re used to democratic leaders merely paying lip service to religion. But Obama means it, and understands the immense value Judeo-Christian ethics is to socialism.

Keep up the good work on this important development. The pro-capitalist Christian Right is obviously ill equipped to deal with it. Only Objectivism is fully competent to counter this threat, and it’s increasingly obvious to me that the other side knows it.