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Monday, August 3, 2009

"Health Care Monstrosity" Exposed

Common Sense from a Common Man writes:
Since Congress doesn’t want to read the Health Care Bill and Obama, ACORN, Unions, Lawyers, & Special Interest Groups don’t want you to know whats in this monstrosity, I decided to do it myself. I’ve taken all my tweets on the HC bill and put them into one single place for your enjoyment. Additionally here is the link to the full bill...
See his excellent and frightening breakdown of the health care bill here.

(HT: The Dougout)


Backes said...

An interesting summary, written in the vernacular of a 12 year old texter. 4 sure.

The Rat Cap said...

Is that an argument for or against? In and of itself, your statement is meaningless, unless you mean his synopsis will be more readable for the Congressmen who support it but "don't have time" to read it.

Anonymous said...

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