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Friday, July 3, 2009

Tea Party Speech: July 4, 2009, "My America"

I hope to give this speech tomorrow if afforded the chance. Please use any or all of it if you find it helpful. It is about 5 minutes. (update: I will be speaking at the Louisville Tea Party).


Today, we are engaged in a battle - a battle between opposing visions of America's future. The challenge of the Tea Party movement is to define that vision and to give it life.

In many ways, this battle has been raging since the founding of our nation. Recently, however, this battle has reached a profound and critical moment as we witness a spectacle - the spectacle of the first actively anti-American president in our nation's history. (editors note: HT to TIA via The New Clarion)

America was founded upon the spirit of individualism - the idea that each individual is independent, the owner of his life, free to pursue his own happiness. In stark contrast to the Founders spirit of individualism, Obama stands for collectivism, the idea that one's life belongs to the state and that morality consists of sacrifice and duty.

Throughout our history, Americans have always stood for limited, self-government, whose purpose is to secure the right to pursue your life and happiness. Obama stands for the long arm of a faceless command and control bureaucracy which attempts to manage and control every detail of your life.

Americans admire success and believe in reaping the profits derived from hard work. Obama denigrates the productive and seeks to tax and redistribute your earnings to anyone who has not earned it.

Americans are unapologetic for our success which has come at a steep price - the blood of patriots spilled here and around the world for over 200 hundred years - and the sweat and tears of the productive: the scientists, the businessmen, the tradesmen, and the laborers who followed their dreams, built this country and in improving their own lives created the highest standard of living in world history.

While Americans celebrate their achievements and the birth of our nation, Obama travels the world apologizing for America. The President of the nation which fought a bloody Revolution to overthrow the tyranny of monarchy - bows to Kings. He dignifies evil by extending olive branches to tyrants and kowtowing to our enemies. He hesitates to criticize the terrorist theocrats of Iran when they butcher their own people in the streets but vehemently decries the Honduran people's exile of an outlaw supported by the likes of Chavez and Castro.

My vision of America or My America means something very specific to me. My America is represented by George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Madison, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

Obama's America also means something very specific. Obama's America is represented by Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

Our Founding Fathers were influenced by men such as John Locke, Voltaire, and Montesquieu.

Obama sympathizes with Pastor Wright, William Ayers and the God of the American Left: Karl Marx.

My Americans are the creators and the producers: the Founding Fathers, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers; My Americans are Fred Astaire, and Walt Disney, Mark Twain and Henry Ford; My Americans are Sherman, Patton, and MacArthur; My Americans are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs; My Americans are John Galt and Ayn Rand.

Obama's Americans are anti-American destroyers: Michael Moore, Rahm Emanuel, Robert Reich, Saul Alinsky, Paul Krugman, FDR, the Clintons, Ted Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter (and the thousands of Marxist university professors funded by your tax dollars and their allies in the mainstream media.)

My Americans have literally given us light, mass production, aviation, bridges, the movies, music, television, the personal computer, and life saving medicines; some led great armies in heroic battles against tyranny and evil or glorified their work in literature and art.

Obama's Americans have given us the Internal Revenue Service, government run schools, section 8 housing projects, the Federal Reserve to print paper dollars out of thin air and destroy the purchasing power of money, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who underwrote loans to people who could not afford them, trillion dollar bailouts of politically connected banks and automobile companies, and trillions of dollars of pork barrel fiascos.

My Americans produced wealth, defended freedom, and invented something from nothing.

Obama's Americans gorge on the productive through the income tax, medicare tax, social security tax, state tax, city tax, county tax, sales tax, property tax, school tax, capital gains tax, corporate income tax, alternative minimum tax, gas tax, gift tax, estate tax, the generation skipping transfer tax, excise tax, VAT tax, marriage tax, luxury tax, recreational vehicle tax, road usage tax, telephone federal excise tax, vehicle tax, workers compensation tax, federal unemployment tax, state unemployment tax, to name a few.

My Americans have given us freedom, production, prosperity, and aesthetic beauty.

Obama's Americans have given us stifling regulations, confiscatory taxation, inflation induced boom-bust cycles, and a veritable mountain of debt to support a Leviathan federal government that never shrinks but only grows.

My America stands for the life affirming benevolence and productivity that follows from free minds and free markets. Obama's America stands for the stagnation, misery, and tyranny of government coercion, central planning, and socialism.

Which America do you want?

To change America, you must realize that My America is no longer the mainstream. Obama's America is the mainstream. Obama, Barney Frank, and Nancy Pelosi's vision, that freedom is the problem and government coercion is the solution, is preached in virtually every university classroom, on every television network, and in every newspaper in this country. In the wake of every government caused crisis from housing, to health care, to education, to traffic jams on public highways, always "the free market" is blamed and always, their solution is "more government intervention, more controls, and more taxes."

We must wage a moral and intellectual battle to rediscover the American spirit and the morality implied by the Declaration of Independence; we must recapture the spirit of individualism, self-reliance, and limited government. We must fight, not just against Obama's vision, but for our own vision.

In the words of Ayn Rand:

"The world crisis of today is a moral crisis--and nothing less than a moral revolution can resolve it: a moral revolution to sanction and complete the political achievement of the American revolution. . . . [You] must fight for capitalism, not as a 'practical' issue, not as an economic issue, but, with the most righteous pride, as a moral issue. That is what capitalism deserves, and nothing less will save it."

We must boldly and proudly assert our rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. We must fight to make My America, our America.


Burgess Laughlin said...

Congratulations! Your speech is clear and principled. It is also readable, having passages that have a cadence well suited to public speaking.

P. S. -- a possible typographical error:

"Obama's Americans gorge the productive . . ."

I think you meant gouge not gorge, although the parasites are gorging themselves on the profits of productive people.

The Rat Cap said...


Thanks so much. Wasn't sure how it sounded so I really appreciate the feedback. I did mean "gorge" as in "eating like a pig" but changed it to "gorge on" so it's more clear. Thanks for pointing that out.

George Conrad Dick said...

Great thoughts..."free markets" are the problem, "more government" is the solution hits the nail right on the head.

George Dick

Unknown said...

I also enjoyed it. Question though: The bad guys you mentioned were all on the left. What about the religionists on the right? I know that it's not your intention to give these guys a pass, and that you're only given a little time to speak. God of the American Left? Sure, as opposed to that of the Right's? Not trying to nitpick, but just wanted to put it out there.

"America was founded upon the spirit of individualism - the idea that each individual is independent, the owner of his life, free to pursue his own happiness. In stark contrast to the Founders spirit of individualism, Obama stands for collectivism, the idea that one's life belongs to the state and that morality consists of sacrifice and duty."

That's right. I'm glad you defined what you mean by "American". Morality consists of sacrifice? Walk into any church on Sunday, and you'll hear the same thing. :-|

"We must wage a moral and intellectual battle to rediscover the American spirit and the morality implied by the Declaration of Independence; we must recapture the spirit of individualism, self-reliance, and limited government."

Agreed. We need (in the most fundamental life-sustaining sense) to "discover" reason.

To speak generally here, I think that it's so important in communicating these ideas that it's made clear that capitalism is not just another point of view, or one of many equally viable options, or something we can try and see how it goes. If one is interested in living life as a human, it's the only option. And as Ms. Rand said, an uncompromising--yes, radical approach is required. You've done as much on this website, and I thank you for it.

Btw, you're from Kentucky? Just wondering as I'd lived there for a few years.

HaynesBE said...

Enjoyed your speech. Did you get to give it?

The Rat Cap said...


Thanks. I did give it - probably about 750 to 1,000 people. I was one of many speakers but I got some great feedback and we gave out well over 100 samplers and got sign ups for a local club. Very promising.

L J said...

Wake me when it is all over...I am not happy with Republicans (not conservatives, republicans), I am not happy with democrats (not liberals, democrats), I am not happy with independents because they very rarely stand up for anything and i just don't know enough about Libertarians except they really like to hear themselves talk. So, after being an advocate for those who have no ones' ear, and a mother, for whom welfare was a saving grace to help me keep my little family together and a person who believes strongly in our right of free speech, I'm disillusioned with what is happening in all aspects of government, the insanity we call religion, and the human condition. There is much I would like to say; to stand up for; to stand against and pour forth my emotions to, but I am tired. As the flame re-ignites, the part of me that wants to keep it lit, slowly but surely goes out. Take government out of my bedroom and out of trying to keep me from whatever addiction I would like for myself; get organized religion out of the public schools or for that matter, out of anything public including our government. Religion may reign in their own places of what they call, "places of worship". Let us find our spirituality through using our minds and understanding our humaness. May we all celebrate in our own special ways and I invite you to: walk, talk, sing, bling, shoot, drink, sniff, f**k, carry, worry, fail and most importantly, to succeed at whatever, whenever, and/or however we damn well please. If we all lived with self awareness, self respect and compassion and hold it true for others, how few laws we would really need in this world. Be kind and loving to yourself and to those within the range of your senses, and what a fabulous world this could be...I think! So, in the mean time, I will go to sleep, like Rip Van Winkle, hopefully to wake to something new and exciting. However, fairytales are not part of my strengths. I believe in creating my own reality and manifesting that which is not...so, I guess I will not sleep until it is over, for it is my world to help free. L J