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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Helen Thomas Questions Obama's AgitProp?!

In a previous post, I discussed the Obama administration’s deliberate attempts to control the media through what I described as an unofficial Soviet style Department of Agitation and Propaganda. Such efforts at tightly manipulating the media are the hallmark of dictators as “state run media” in Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. so clearly demonstrate. In that post, I discussed an internal media network that has apparently been created within the White House to report on events inside the White House separate from the traditional White House press corps. I also discussed a recently staged “town hall” meeting in which guests were invited by the White House and questions were submitted and approved by White House controllers yet carried on as if it were an extemporaneous exchange between Obama and the public.

To my great surprise, this event was the subject of a dustup between Chip Reid of CBS News, Helen Thomas, and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs as the reporters grilled Gibbs on the “pre-selected” nature of this town hall meeting. Helen Thomas went as far to say that this was “shocking” and something she had never seen before. Gibbs’ snarky obfuscation and haughty attempts at humor were appalling. I am sure that Gibbs, accustomed to getting the kid glove treatment from the White House press corps, was taken aback that anyone in the MSM would dare question the Dear Leader. After all, the ends justifies the mean – do they not?

As an aside, this Breitbart show, “The B-Cast”, discusses this incident and runs a clip from the town hall in which Obama hugs a sobbing uninsured cancer patient – an image which made national headlines.


Realist Theorist said...

I can't understand how Gibbs got his job (in fact, his career). I suppose I should be thankful though -- I'd rather see him than a smooth-talker who can convince people or his ideas.

fidler said...

gibbs is a used car salesman. this is a striking example of how the obama regime fails to think in principle (unless it's knee-jerk marxism). reid and thomas confront gibbs with the salient point here, which is that pre-selecting attendees and questioners at a supposedly open "town hall" is inherently dishonest, biased and represents media control by the white house. the nature of the questions asked, whether they are "fair" or "unfair," "tough" or "softballs" is entirely irrelevant, because the process is corrupt in its nature. however, gibbs is incapable of thinking in principle even at this rudimentary level. either that or he is so dishonest as to pretend to not recognize his own hypocrisy. he laughs off the criticism, focusing on the nature of the questions. as though this charade would be fine and dandy if only those at the town hall ask "tough" and "probing" questions. "tough" in the estimation of whom? the white house?! so now the white house is the judge of the standard by which its policies are evaluated? insanity.

The Rat Cap said...


Excellent point.

This is pure pragmatism. As long as a "difficult" question was on the list (as determined by the White House), it is irrelevant to him that the event was staged to look like an open meeting, questioners were "invited" (or, according to Thomas, called the night before and told they would be allowed to ask a question), and questions heavily censored.

For someone as liberal as Helen Thomas to call their tactics "shocking" tells you that this administration is serious about controlling the media in a way that we have not seen.