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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gore vs. Churchill

Apparently, Al Gore has invoked the memory of Churchill as a means to garner support for "fighting climate change" (which he no longer calls "global warming" since the climate is no longer warming - a fact I blogged about here). To label Gore's invocation morally repugnant and nauseatingly offensive is a profound understatement. Invoking the spirit of the great man who steadfastly led Great Britain and most of the free world in a horrifyingly bloody struggle against arguably the most formidable evil in world history is an act of monumental evasion and vicious absurdity. To invoke a world war, fought by free people to secure their liberty from the march of totalitarian oppression, as a means to gather support for his global fascist central planning fantasies, is the height of irony.


Unknown said...

Remember this?

Honestly, these people have no shame.

Burgess Laughlin said...

I am waiting for Environmentalists to say, "Well, yes, the warming isn't what we predicted it would be, but that is because of the economic depression, which has reduced greenhouse gases -- proving our contention that civilization is the cause of the problem."

The Rat Cap said...