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Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Clarity on the Honduran "Coup"

If you are like me and confused about the "coup" in Honduras this is a great post over at The New Clarion. The MSM led me to believe something sinister had occured and Obama and Hillary have taken the position that this was an illegal usurpation of power. In addition to learning that Obama opposed the coup, once I heard that Chavez opposed the coup, I immediately supported the coup not knowing anything else. This instinct appears to have been right.

There is a major struggle going on in Latin America between the forces of Marxism and oppression represented by Chavez' Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua among others and various groups that are struggling to oppose them. Naturally, the American government could quickly put an end to Chavez and his ilk by vigorously opposing their activities and countering their absurd rhetoric. However, given El Presidente Obama's pragmatism (lack of principles) and his default ideology of Christian Marxism (the primary ideology of leftists in Latin America) he is more likely to directly and indirectly provide them support as we are seeing in his latest proclamation regarding Honduras, his kowtowing to Chavez last month, and his reversal of policy on Cuba.

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HaynesBE said...

Thanks for the link referral. I had the identical reaction....confusion and curiosity, and then strong suspicion of foul play once I heard Chavez's support of the ousted Honduran president.