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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Repost: Why don't Government make someone pay for me?

I re-read this post from July 2007, and I thought it was apropos so I am reposting it below:

Why don't Government make someone pay for me?

I'm really mad because I don't feel well, and I went to doctor who knows lots of stuff, and he wanted to know how I was going to pay and stuff. And just because he knows about medicines and how the body works and stuff that's no fair. Why won't he just tell me what to do? Why won't someone just give him the money for me? What about those insurance companies? Why don't they just send him the money because they got a lot of it? They're just mean because they won't give me the money. They should care about me more. Or what about the rich people? Why don't they just send him the money for me otherwise its no fair. The doctor will tell the rich people what to do all the time because they will give him the money but the doctor won't tell me nothing until someone pays him for me. I don't get it. Why does the doctor want the money? He already has a lot so why don't he just tell me stuff I need to know about me. Why doesn't Government just pay for me. They have a lot of money somewhere. Can't Government just pay the doctor then he will tell me stuff. Or can't Government just make doctor tell me what he knows. That'll show doctor he can't keep stuff from me. He make Government mad. Or Government tell insurance company they got to pay for me because otherwise no fair and that's mean.

And then if he tells me what pills to get then I have to go to the place to get them and they want money too. But you see, this place already has a lot of pills so can't they just give me a few? The guy there wanted money for them. Can't someone just give me the money? My neighbors won't give me the money but maybe Government can make them give me the money. What about the pill companies. They must have a lot of pills. Can't they just give me a couple when I need them? That's no fair either. They already know what pills work so why don't they just give them to me or give the recipe to someone who can make them for me? The people in Canada make them for cheaper because Government makes them make the pills cheaper so can't Government here just make the pill company make them cheaper? No fair. All these guys learn a lot about these pills but now they know which ones work so can't they just tell me how to make them or give me some?

And Government even takes care of prisoners and stuff and they don't kill them or let them die but then Government don't give the money to the doctor for the free people. No fair.

So here my answer. People should just go to the guys who know stuff about medicine and know how to make the pills and they should just tell us what to do and if they want pay then Government should make someone else pay them for me or Government put them in jail for not paying for me. That's fair.


Unknown said...

This reminds me of all those "ambulance-chaser" lawyer commercials. I remember one in particular for Sam Bernstein that had a man standing in front of a skyscraper (presumably an insurance company) stating that his lawyers will keep those greedy insurance executives from "keeping the money my family needs."

Yeah. I think you did a perfect job imitating Sam Bernstein's consumer base.

Richard said...

This post is some kind of comedy/tragedy icon incarnate. Both comedic and sad because it's so true.

The arguments in your post bear an uncanny resemblance to that of the woman in blue in this video:

"But why do we have to pay for the land? It's new land, the land's free you know?"

The Rat Cap said...


I watched that video. YES! She is exactly the person who wrote the post. Wow, just wow.