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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reminder: Stop Confirmation of Cass Sunstein

Below is the text of the letter I sent to my Senators via this site or this site. This is incredibly easy to do and will make a difference. Take the time to oppose the confirmation of Cass Sunstein (see my detailed post here). Feel free to use the text below:
President Barack Obama has nominated Cass Sunstein, to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

As a proponent of "choice architecture", Mr. Sunstein's views on the role of government are completely antithetical to the principle of individual rights upon which this nation was founded. For instance, Mr. Sunstein's support for a "fairness doctrine" on the internet and "civility checks" on emails are but two ominous examples of his support for unlimited and arbitary government power over the lives of individuals.

I urge you in the strongest possible way to vote NO on Cass Sunstein’s confirmation.


HaynesBE said...


Thanks for making it easy. I decided to send an email directly from my senators' websites. They are now bookmarked for quick and easy access to send my outrage, er, um...opinions. I can't imagine that it will have much effect on my ultra-liberal Democratic "representatives" but I do think it is important to speak out.

Burgess Laughlin said...

Doug, for those who are hesitant about investing time into writing to politicians, would you at some point -- either in a comment or in a post -- sketch what you think will happen or at least might happen as a result of sending the letter?

I see the most important question here not as whether to be an activist but in what manner to an activist.

Amit Ghate said...

Thanks for the "nudge"! I used your text in my messages as well.

The Rat Cap said...


As your choice architect, I'm glad I was able to nudge you towards the true form of an idealized citizen. However, I can't fully rejoice, since I knew you would follow the cheese I laid down.

Seriously, I think we should all do more of this where if we spot a concrete opportunity to make our voices heard, we link to it, and make it easy for others by providing some text.

As a partial answer to Burgess' question:

I think the benefit is that politicians will respond if they get hundreds or thousands of letters. Secondly, if we craft the message right, it puts Objectivist ideas and intellectuals into their conversation. It is not the "best" or the most efficient form of activism on its own but in the context of a larger movement that aims to change the culture, I think this is not only appropriate but a necessary part of the process. In other words, at some point, all of the people we are supposedly influencing to need to take real political action if we are to actually change anything.

Political change will happen faster and it is more efficient to spend our time advocating abstract ideas which will filter down but there is becoming a large enough faction of people that could move the dial politically as the tea parties showed.

So where appropriate, I therefore think it is well worth it to invest a couple of minutes sending an email to a Congressmen.

Amit Ghate said...

>Seriously, I think we should all do more of this where if we spot a concrete opportunity to make our voices heard, we link to it, and make it easy for others by providing some text.<

I'm not sure if you're on the OActivist list or not, but those types of posts are its raison-d'etre.