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Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're Not Laughing

The news that the news doesn’t take the news seriously is not news. Drudge posts several links that document the mainstream media’s offensive dismissal of the tea party protests, e.g., see here and here and prepare to be infuriated.

Brent Bozell, president of the conservative Media Research Center, said the media coverage was "insulting," reacting specifically to CNN reporter Susan Roesgen's combative interviews with Illinois demonstrators in which she declared that the protests were "anti-CNN" and supported by FOX News. She left the teabagging jokes to her colleagues, though.

"I've never seen anything like it," Bozell said. "The oral sex jokes on (CNN) and particularly MSNBC on teabagging ... they had them by the dozens. That's how insulting they were toward people who believe they're being taxed too highly."

Echoing my post from yesterday, this phenomenon has a deeper philosophical cause. To the extent that modern intellectuals dismiss thinking in principle or the objectivity of knowledge, they must regard any normative principle as being either a matter of opinion (subjectivism) or the result of an argument from authority (dogmatism). Therefore, they dismiss anyone who asserts a principle as “dogmatic” or “simplistic”. To them, the protesters are comically naïve simpletons from the fly-over states not attuned to the more sophisticated modern dialectic. Furthermore, the more vehement the protest the more likely they are to regard it as “extremism” and brush it off as kooky. In other words, they regard an advocate of reason in the same way they would regard a brainwashed religious cult member. To them, philosophically, they are equivalent.

Jenny Beth Martin, a Republican activist who helped organize one protest in Atlanta, said she's not too worried about the protests being dismissed by some media outlets. She estimated 750,000 people attended more than 800 protests in all 50 states, and that at the very least the local media and community newspapers documented it.

"Our message definitely got out where it needed to get," she said.

Indeed. And as I concluded in a previous post in which I argued that an important milestone had been reached in the battle for freedom:

It is fifty-two years after the publication of Atlas Shrugged. We are going through the "how can we take these people seriously" stage while Objectivism is making major in roads into academia and a grass roots movement of people who have had fifty-two years to think about Ayn Rand's philosophy is starting to emerge. Reason is on the side of freedom and capitalism and the left is intellectually bankrupt. Let's make the next ten years, the "amendments and acts" stage which we can lovingly call "The Good Deal".


C. August said...

"The news that the news doesn’t take the news seriously is not news."

I laughed out loud at this. It should be the first line of any article about the blatant bias of the MSM.

I'm compiling links to blog posts from Objectivists who attended the protests. If you come across any I missed, let me know.

The Rat Cap said...

I sure will forward anything - but, so far, I've been following your blog to get the updates! Good work.

Michael Labeit said...

I too overheard the sexual insults made by MSLSD, Keith Olbermann in particular, on Sean Hannity. Atrocious behavior.