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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warning: Explicitly Evil Material

If this video does not make you want to take it to the streets then nothing will - pure evil


C. August said...

I can't access YouTube from work... what's it about?

Eric Napier said...

Hey Doug. Is Robert Reich your relative?

The Rat Cap said...



C. August,

It's Wesley Mouch - I mean Robert Reich - at a congressional hearing discussing how the stimulus money must not go to White Male construction workers but should go to minorities, women, etc. and then it gets bad.

Unknown said...


Something wrong with your keyboard?

Collectivism writ large.

Well, I don't feel like taking to the streets. Is anyone surprised by this? I mean really.

Not that the two groups are necessarily opposites, but what do you think would happen if a Republican said basically the same thing except it was money *only* for white male construction workers?

Is it even a fair question?

Interesting post.

Unknown said...

By the way, I'm still waiting for CST: Teacher's Unions and CST: "Environmental" Lobby.

The Rat Cap said...


I wasn't as disturbed in particular by the "white male" thing but more by the entire premise of this dialogue and the particular people (Robert Reich and Charles Rangel have to be te most real life Ayn Rand villains I have seen). In other words, the premise that the government is going to rob the taxpayers is taken as a given and these two philosopher kings are going to determine how best to spend it is sickening. Then, to imply that they have to find a way to get around the states and get the money directly to their favored classes....That such a dialogue could be taking place openly and with an aura of righteousness tells you how far off the tracks this country is...it's indicative of how much has to be done and for me was somewhat overwhelming leading to the feeling of wanting to fight physically

Unknown said...

"...That such a dialogue could be taking place openly and with an aura of righteousness tells you how far off the tracks this country is..."

Well, that's right. I'm reminded of something that John Ridpath said:

"...[socialists believe] they are not morally sovereign individuals. We [the socialists] will attack them in the pursuit of the good..."

We know that this stimulus thing won't work. Do you think we'll have price fixing by the end of the year?

The Rat Cap said...

I think that prices will rise dramatically at some point as they continue to print money. If this occurs rapidly, it is likely that you will hear calls for price controls. I would have told you 6 months ago that not even the most ardent Keynesian economist could advocate price controls in this day and age, however, given what we are witnessing and the philosophical pragmatism of Obama, I would fully expect to hear calls for price controls.

This would be the coup de grace for the remmant of capitalism that is left. Price controls are tantamount to socialism as Dr. Reisman has thoroughly demonstrated. That is take it to the streets time.

leoeris said...

Bring it.