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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Reality Show, CST: Congressional Show Trials

This week on CST: The Bankers

In last week’s season premier: the government inflated the fiat money supply and underwrote mortgage paper which caused massive price increases and induced malinvestment in housing. As this housing bubble predictably collapsed along with the heavily regulated banks and triggered a severe economic crisis, the Bankers sought taxpayer bailout money under vague, indefinable terms. This week on CST: The Bankers, the Bankers are back in front of Congress to answer more vague questions and to be ridiculed for not having met the undefined standards of the Congress. You’ll hear such questions as “what did you do with the money”, “why isn’t the economy better since we stole money from the taxpayers and gave it to you to give to people?”, and viewer favorite "what about Main Street vs. Wall Street"?. Don’t miss the painful exchanges between amoral pragmatist businessmen who are unable to defend private banking or expose the government fraud and ignorant populist congressmen who castigate the Bankers for having made loans to people who could not afford them while chastising the Bankers for not making “more loans”, demanding that mortgage rates be lower so that people can buy more houses, and clamoring for more “oversight”. The tension builds as no one discusses the fundamental causes of the crisis nor offers any ideas about how to solve it. Don’t miss it!

Also, don’t miss past emmy-award nominated episodes archived at the CST website such as:

CST: Big Oil – Environmental regulations on domestic drilling, refining, and nuclear power, government caused inflation, uncertain government energy policies, and taxes cause a spike in the price of gas prompting a show trial of oil company executives who are accused of “gouging” consumers while being unable to defend their right to make profits for providing energy at low real costs despite government policies designed to stop them

CST: The Big ThreeU.S. automakers burdened with pro-union laws, soaring energy prices, uncertain government energy policies, and regulations forcing r&d of unwanted vehicles come to Congress seeking taxpayer bailouts while the congressmen weigh bribes from lobbyists against the political ramifications of redistributing taxpayer money to subsidize shoddily built products that no one wants

CST: Big Tobacco – The congressmen castigate cigarette makers for harming the public who buy their products willingly

CST: Microsoft – Microsoft dares to make a product that everyone wants and compounds their evil by offering free browser software prompting a Justice department investigation and public censure of the CEO who dared to make things people buy and give away things

Unfortunately, CST: Big Government was cancelled.

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This show sucks.