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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pssst, Over Here....I Got a Taxpayer Injection...

In the latest surreal development surrounding the so-called “bailout”, the First Pragmatist is aiming to curb lobbying for the loot:

The Obama administration on Tuesday will announce tough new restrictions on bailout funds aimed at curbing lobbying by companies that receive taxpayer injections.

In fact, the government has a plan that I have dubbed the “Government Plan Name So Ridiculous that Even Ayn Rand Could Not Have Dreamed of Satirizing It in Atlas Shrugged”:

The Treasury Department is announcing a new plan to “Keep Lobbying and Special Interest Influence Out of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) Investment Decisions.”

Here are the first two mandates:

1. “Combat lobbyist influence in EESA process: We will implement safeguards to crack down on lobbyist influence over the program, including restricting contacts with lobbyists in connection with applications for, or disbursements of, EESA Funds.”

2. “Keeping politics out of funding decisions: We will ensure that political influence does not interfere with EESA decision making, using as a model for these protections the limits on political influence over tax matters.”

They want to keep “politics out of the funding decision”?!! In what sense is any aspect of this entire program not political?!! The premise of this program is delusional. I think Obama truly believes he is a deity of some sort sent to save us poor saps from ourselves. More likely, Obama sees himself as a Platonic Philosopher King able to know the true Form of Bailout and therefore determine what is good for the Republic. How else could you believe that you have the right to spend $850 Billion of money that is not yours?

With this in mind, He is going to “restrict contacts with lobbyists”. What form will that take exactly? Will they sequester the Congress and the Treasury Department, tap phones, or perhaps, set up a “contact free” perimeter around DC? Furthermore, who should decide who gets the loot? Shouldn't companies be allowed to make their case for why they should receive their share of the theft? Do we want a handful of Philosopher Kings deciding this behind closed doors?

I wonder if I should be restricted from writing about this? I will go to the Cave to ask.


Ardsgaine said...

Alaric, in a brief speech to the Romans: For the next several days my troops will be sacking your city, carrying off your money, your household goods, and your daughters. You will be happy to learn, however, that I have instituted tough new regulations to ensure that not one sesterce of your loot will go to the wrong sort of barbarians!

The Romans: Wildly enthusiastic cheering

Anonymous said...
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The Rat Cap said...

LOL. Brilliant

I looked Alaric up somewhere and read that his slaves were buried with him - uh oh