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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Change We Can Believe In

I can not resist linking to my two favorite left wing writers on the Obama/Illinois/Clinton soap opera. No sooner does Camille Paglia ask What Do The Clinton's Have on Obama do we get the "bombshell" story about the Illinois governor which no doubt will spew collateral damage in all directions (except maybe Obama - as long as he plays ball...). Of course, anyone shocked by the corruption in Chicago politics hasn't been watching reality very closely. In fact, I think most people realize that our entire government is for sale. Logically, as long as politicians have the power of life and death over any special interest, pull peddling will result. (The solution is to remove the politicians' power.)

Also, Chrisopher Hitchens writes a great piece lamenting Hillary's nomination as secretary of state which includes links regarding the Clinton's dubious "foreign policy associations" as well as Bill's sordid rat-pack lifestyle. I thought the names James Riady, Johnny Huang, and Charlie Trie would remain ghosts of Clinton past but apparently we can all look forward to more ghosts of Clinton future as these political Rasputin's continue to live.

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