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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bailouts II

It is immoral for the government to expropriate the money from the earnings of others and shower it upon bankrupt firms such as the automakers. If individuals believe it is truly in their self-interest to invest or provide alms for bankrupt firms they may do so – by purchasing their stock, bonds or by simply sending them money. The idea that the “need” of the automakers and their employees somehow justifies theft is the height of evil and is an argument that could be used to justify virtually anything. Since when does the “need” of anyone justify theft? If this argument is not valid in a criminal court, then why does it become valid when applied to firms?

Every business, whether big or small, must stand on its own merits. If it does not provide a product that individuals are willing to voluntarily purchase then it must restructure or fail and the faster the better. It is absolutely unconscionable that these CEO’s would plead for their Godfather’s in Washington to shake down taxpayers rather than focus on how to make their failing firms more profitable.

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