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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Should Redistribute Electoral Votes

Do you think it is fair that Obama has more campaign funds than McCain? He might say that he worked harder to raise that money and had a better, more efficient campaign but it is his campaign laborers that did all the "real" work. Why should he benefit at the expense of not only his campaign proletariat but also his competitors in the McCain campaign? McCain can't help it if he is older and weaker than Obama. Also, since Palin belongs to a historically oppressed gender, surely it is unfair that all the money went to a younger, more articulate (code word for "male") candidate. Obama needs to spread the campaign wealth around. Shouldn't he immediately transfer or redistribute an amount such that both campaigns have equal amounts of funding in order to "level the playing field"? Certainly, on election day, if Obama receives more votes than McCain he should redistribute electoral votes to McCain in order to be fair. Why should one candidate get more votes than another just because people prefer one candidate over the other? Unfortunately, this is yet another example of Big Politicians squeezing out the little politicians. Soon, if this trend continues, one party will have a monopoly and then where will we be?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant mind

Anonymous said...

you just do not get it! he is doing the peoples work