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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Castro in Solidarity with Psychosis

There is something fittingly albeit tragically amusing about the report that Cuba's dictator Fidel Castro expressed "total solidarity" and offered his unqualified support for the Cuban Olympian who kicked a referee in the face (!) after legitimately being disqualified from a Tae Kwon Do match.

Man's nature as an individual reasoning being necessitates freedom of thought and action and therefore individual rights. The essence of communism is a total repudiation of this basic fact. It is why communism always has and must logically result in violence, oppression, and misery. In other words, where a system exists that is consistent with man's nature, i.e., a system of limited government that protects individual rights, we see prosperity, benevolence and general happiness. Where a system exists that is predicated on a contradiction of man's nature, i.e., a system that actively and ruthlessly violates individual freedom, we see stagnation, malevolence, and hell on earth.

In this incident, the athlete was competing in a game with well defined rules. After being knocked out, he violated the rule which allows no more than one minute of injury time and was disqualified. The act of lashing out against the referee by this athlete could be brushed off by some as an extreme spur of the moment emotional reaction to a devastating loss (or the result of brain damage from being knocked out in a Tae Kwon Do match...). However, the subsequent justification of such an act represents a lashing out at the nature of reality and is profoundly evil. Such an approach is entirely consistent with the communist philosophy and represents yet another example of Ayn Rand's principle that evil is at root an attempt to violate the law of identity, i.e., an attempt at a wish that reality is not what it is.

It is well known that toddlers, unable to express their frustration verbally, will often punch or kick as a way of lashing out. An irrational philosophy reduces a man to the level of a two year old. In this particular incident, we have observed a literal manifestation of this phenomena. Furthermore, to a psychotic mind like Castro's, the usage of violence in this case was entirely appropriate. Afterall, if reality does not grant your wish, then point a gun at it. This is the M.O. of a psychopath and the essence of communist ideology.

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