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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free to Kill (As Long As You Return A Body)

In yet another outrageous example of seemingly unending appeasement by the West to totalitarian Islam, Israel agreed to "swap" five Lebanese prisoners including a notorious murderer in exchange for the bodies of two dead Israelis. So, the Israelis apparently consider the exchange of dead bodies for live murderers to be a fair deal. Not surprisingly, Hezbollah considers this a victory and is using it to embolden their reputation.

Israel freed a notorious Lebanese attacker and four others Wednesday after Hezbollah handed over two black coffins with the bodies of Israel soldiers, a dramatic prisoner swap that closes a painful chapter from the 2006 war in Lebanon.

The five — including Samir Kantar, who had been serving multiple life terms in Israel for a grisly 1979 attack — were brought home in International Committee for the Red Cross vehicles and received a red-carpet welcome at this coastal border town.

In Lebanon, a hero's welcome was prepared for Kantar, a Lebanese Druse who acted on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Front, a small faction of the PLO. The swap is likely to provide a significant boost to Hezbollah, which is trying to rebuild a reputation tarnished when it turned its guns on fellow Lebanese in May.

Consider the following description of Kantar (one of the murderers released):

In the dead of night on April 22, 1979, Kantar and three other gunmen made their way in a rubber dinghy from Lebanon to the sleepy Israeli coastal town of Nahariya, 5 miles south of the Lebanese border. There, in a hail of gunfire and exploding grenades, they killed a policeman who stumbled upon them, then burst into the apartment of Danny Haran, herding him and his 4-year-old daughter outside at gunpoint to the beach below, where they were killed.

An Israeli court found that Kantar shot Danny Haran in front of his child, then smashed her head with his rifle butt.

Haran's wife, Smadar, who had fled into a crawl space in the family apartment with her 2-year-old daughter, accidentally smothered the child with her hand while trying to stifle her cries. Kantar denies killing the older child, saying she was killed in the crossfire as he battled Israeli police, and has never expressed remorse. He was 16 years old at the time.

To get some understanding of the nature of the enemy we face (note that Hezbollah is backed by Iran and Syria), after reading the above consider the reaction in Beirut to the release of these monsters:

As fireworks lit the night sky, tens of thousands of people waving yellow Hezbollah flags gathered in Beirut for the rally to celebrate the release of Qantar and four Hezbollah fighters. Crowds threw rice and mobbed the cars carrying the men to the rally in the southern suburbs, a stronghold of Hezbollah.The ex-captives waved Hezbollah and Lebanese flags at the crowds before Nasrallah's brief appearance sent them wild.

As logic and history show us, such appeasement by the Israelis will embolden its enemies and hasten its collapse.

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