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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Environmentalists Crack Down on Water

Here is yet more evidence to refute the claim that environmentalists are concerned about human life. In this case, environmentalists have sued to keep the Nestle company from opening a water bottling plant in California and have delayed the plant opening for years. Now, the attorney general of California has intervened and threatened the company with more legal action unless they perform more costly studies to evaluate the impact of bottles on global warming.

Let's put aside the fact that scientists can not even demonstrate that global warming exists much less demonstrate its causes, so that compliance with such a demand would be literally impossible. Let's also put aside concerns about the laborers who will never be employed by Nestle and the customers who will never drink their water and ask an even more fundamental question: Under the philosophy implied by the environmentalist's actions, since any action man takes affects the environment, what action would any company be allowed to take in order to produce anything of value to human beings ? Under their philosophy, would man be able to take any action in regard to his survival?


Anonymous said...

Doug...it's 40 below and the snow is falling...


Give JG in GB a call tomorrow. Same numbers.

Anonymous said...

I actually know 4 JG's in GB so you will have to be more specific. But I look forward to talking to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get the buckets reference. I know who this is. Oh, youuuu.

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