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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Support Drilling in the ANWR

President Bush has proposed that Congress allow oil drilling in the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.) I sent the following letter to my congressmen and again recommend http://www.congress.org/ as an easy way to reach your representatives. Feel free to use all or any of my text:

I absolutely support drilling in the ANWR and urge you to support President Bush's proposal. Policies that enable domestic oil drilling will increase supplies, lower prices, and decrease our dependence on oil imports.

The Congress should go even further and implement a comprehensive plan to dismantle environmental and pro food based fuel policies and regulations that discourage domestic drilling and refining. Such policies reduce supply, increase prices, and increase our dependence on foreign oil. The government's policies along with federal gas taxes and the federal reserve's policy of inflating the money supply are the real culprits behind rising gas prices.

The recent congressional show trials of oil company executives are red herrings that only serve to deflect attention from the real source of higher prices: government policy. Furthermore, increasing taxes on oil company profits will only serve to increase prices as it is oil company profits which serve as capital for further exploration and research. Oil companies should be revered and praised for supplying energy which is the life blood of our economy and returning enormous profits to their shareholders. This is not a crime but a virtue.

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