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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thanks For The Textbook, Master!

The AP reports:
Hillary Rodham Clinton called for a vote Friday in the Democratic-controlled Congress on a summertime suspension of the federal gasoline tax, a plan that Barack Obama dismissed as a political stunt that would cost thousands of construction jobs.

...McCain told a town-hall audience in Denver: "I want to give the American consumer a little bit of relief just for the summer. Maybe they'll be able to buy an additional textbook for their children when they go back to school this fall."

Oh, how nice of Master to think of us at this time of year and offer to give us a "little bit of relief" even if it's "just for summer." Afterall, we could really use that textbook for little Timmy. Of course, we will still have to pay the income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, value-added tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, property tax, and inheritance tax as well as paying higher prices for everything since Master has seen fit to create a lot of dollars for us and pass them out, but that is ok. Afterall, it's not Master's fault that he must spend more than he takes in, and if he has to create a few of the dollars with his machines then so be it. We are working as fast as we can for him, but I guess it's just not enough. And all those nice people around the world have been willing to lend us a lot of money, and of course we have to pay them back with interest - so we all just better get to work! Sometimes I wonder how Master pays for the gas in his limousine and his jets when he flies around to grace us with his presence and tell us about all the wonderful laws he's passing and how many textbooks he will being giving us this summer. Oh well, I guess we must pay for his gas too, but that is ok because we will be getting a textbook so we better get to work so Master can fly around and give the wondrous news of the textbooks. And, oh boy, I hope they really sock it to those mean oil companies. All those oil companies do is provide oil for us so that we can go the pump and drive our cars and heat our homes and power our technology. That's no fair. They should be punished, because they do their job so well, and people are willing to pay them a lot of government dollars to buy their things. You see, if they tax the oil companies, the oil companies will then have less money with which to find more oil which would only reduce the price. And that must be a good thing or else Master wouldn't be talking about doing it. He's so smart. Thanks again Master!

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