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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Campaigning in the 'Now'

I got a kick out of this clip of Hillary in the wake of her primary victory in Indiana. After getting demolished in North Carolina, barely edging out Obama in Indiana, and with a majority of her own party abandoning her and urging her to step aside - Hillary triumphantly declares that it is now "full speed ahead to the White House!"

Some might chalk this up to building the morale of her dejected supporters or even heroic defiance in the face of overwhelming odds. Others might attribute it to delusion or even schizophrenia. I claim her behavior is entirely consistent with the nature of the hippie as described in my previous post, The First Hippies. Recall this Ayn Rand quote from my post regarding the hippies' worship of the moment:

Their hysterical incantations of worship of the "now" were sincere: the immediate moment is all that exists for the perceptual-level, concrete-bound, animal-like mentality; to grasp "tomorrow" is an enormous abstraction, an intellectual feat open only to the conceptual (i.e., the rational) level of consciousness.
In other words, I believe that Hillary literally thinks that based on this primary win in Indiana -she is going to win the presidency. She can not abstract the concept of the national election or of the overwhelming odds against her winning the nomination. She does not care about the damage she is doing to her own party (in the long run) by staying in the campaign and aggressively attacking her opponent much less the damage she is doing to her own reputation. All that matters is today, the moment, the now. Afterall, to a hippie politician, if a criminal offers you campaign cash - take it. If the intern offers oral sex - accept it. If there is an election that day - win it by any means necessary. This is classic hippie.

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