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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Nuts Reject Nuts


I have repeatedly argued that environmentalists will still not be happy even if technology is implemented to reduce the Satanic carbon dioxide emissions. This is because their philosophy, in principle, is anti-human. Quoting Dr. Reisman:

“The idea of nature’s intrinsic value inexorably implies a desire to destroy man and his works because it implies a perception of man as the systematic destroyer of the good, and thus as the systematic doer of evil. Just as man perceives coyotes, wolves, and rattlesnakes as evil because they regularly destroy the cattle and sheep he values as sources of food and clothing, so on the premise of nature’s intrinsic value, the environmentalists view man as evil, because, in the pursuit of his well-being, man systematically destroys the wildlife, jungles, and rock formations that the environmentalists hold to be intrinsically valuable. Indeed, from the perspective of such alleged intrinsic values of nature, the degree of man’s alleged destructiveness an evil is directly in proportion to his loyalty to his essential nature. Man is the rational being. It is his application of his reason in the form of science, technology, and an industrial civilization that enables him to act on nature on the enormous scale on which he now does. Thus, it is his possession and use of reason—manifested in his technology and industry—for which he is hated.”....

The link above discusses the recent usage of "biofuels" by Virgin Airlines. In this case, they used a blend of nuts from the Amazon forest to create fuel.

A Virgin Atlantic jumbo jet flew from London to Amsterdam with one of its fuel tanks filled with a bio-jet blend including babassu oil and coconut oil. A Virgin Atlantic statement said the biofuel mix provided 25 percent of the fuel for the test flight.

At first glance, you might expect the environmentalists to be rejoicing. They have gotten a major corporation to make use of a "renewable" and therefore supposedly "sustainable" energy source that should lessen dreaded carbon emissions. But, if I'm right then what should we expect the environmentalist response to be? First of all, usage of biofuels would increase consumption of agricultural land or in this case the Amazon forest. Afterall, as I have brilliantly pointed out, energy must come from somewhere. Unfortunately, it does not magically appear. So, using anything made of earth certainly would not make them happy. Also, given the expected rapid expansion of the airline industry due to people's desire to travel and capitalism's ability to make travel cheaper this will increase the net consumption of whatever fuel is used. Indeed, man must use nature in some way if he is to survive and prosper. If we do not use so called fossil fuels then we must use nuts or coconut oil or algae or whatever. Man's nature is what the environmentalist truly opposes as we require the earth's resources to survive. If you think I'm exaggerating then read the below quote from the article:

Environmental lobby group Friends of the Earth said biofuels were a distraction in the fight to cut carbon dioxide emissions, and that related carbon savings would be negated by increased airline travel...

There has been concern, however, that an expansion in the area of crops grown for energy has helped drive up food prices, and some scientists have questioned the environmental benefits of so-called first generation biofuels.

Friends of the Earth said in a statement: "There is mounting evidence the carbon savings from these crop-based fuels will be small at best."

"Even if every plane leaving the UK was able to run on biofuels from tomorrow, any carbon savings would be wiped out in less than 10 years by the rapid growth of the aviation industry."

Oh my god! Growth in the airline industry...! That means more people will be travelling and enjoying their lives! Gasp....

Those who value their life must oppose environmentalism as the evil it is.

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