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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Change to "Climate Change"


Reisman's latest blog post "Is There a Problem? Blame Global Warming" is great. In case you haven't noticed, the environmentalists have slowly shifted their propaganda from "global warming" to the more abstract concept of "climate change". First, this allows them an out from the increasing scientific scrutiny which continues to cast doubt on their claims of man made warming (see for example http://epw.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Minority.Blogs&ContentRecord_id=f80a6386-802a-23ad-40c8-3c63dc2d02cb). Second, it enables them to package deal any perceived "change" in weather patterns whether it is in the form of increasing or decreasing temperatures, storms, rain, frozen Avocados to be Man's fault. The NY Times article that Reisman cites is symptomatic of this recent trend.

Of course, in previous posts I have argued that Environmentalists are not concerned with saving the Earth for man but saving the Earth from man. In other words, because man by his nature must use the Earth, the environmentalist who values nature "intrinsically" must in principle consider man to be only an enemy of the earth (which has now attained the status of a pseudo-god to be worshipped for its own sake.) Therefore, the scientific issue of "warming" is a smokescreen, i.e., a convenient claim carrying a pseudo-scientific veneer which can more easily confuse the ignorant public as to the movement's true aims. If "warming" were wholly disproved it would not temper the Environmentalist cause for a second as they would move on to something else as they are already doing with "climate change" or some to be determined apocryphal fantasy aimed at scaring the public into accepting sacrifice and global government decrees thwarting production and economic progress. Remember global cooling, acid rain, DDT, overpopulation, soil erosion, etc. etc.

(It dawned on me that humans exhale CO2 which must contribute to greenhouse gases, right? The implications of this are obvious so I'm sure this is coming soon. If anyone has seen anything on this please send.http://catalog.com/sft/bobf/global_warming.html this is pretty interesting)

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