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Monday, March 5, 2007

Con Artistry

It's not often that one can directly experience a con artist. I do not mean just observing and understanding consciously that someone is lying to you. I mean this in the same sense as what one experiences when contemplating art, i.e., in the sense that art reduces a wide abstraction (efficacy, benevolence, evil, etc.) to a simpler percept that can be experienced directly. The power of art is precisely this ability of the mind to contain a wide abstraction in a simple form. So, when contemplating the concept of con artist keep the below in mind.

Linked on the Drudge Report is a clip of Hillary Clinton faking a southern accent while speaking in Kentucky. Within the context of all we know about her life of deceit and duplicity, I believe that her fakery should be appreciated on a much higher level.

Ladies and Gentleman - the Senator from New York:

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