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Friday, March 9, 2007

Bluetongue, PETA, and the GWDLEFT theory

Apparently, global warming poses a threat to European livestock since somehow it is pushing African diseases northward.

"Global warming is pushing northwards diseases more commonly found in developing countries, posing a risk to the financial and physical health of rich nations, the head of a livestock herders' charity said. Steve Sloan, chief executive of GALVmed, said on Friday insect-borne diseases were increasingly moving north, such as the viral infection bluetongue that has hit cattle and sheep in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany."

In a previous post, I linked to an article in which PETA claimed that livestock "emissions" were the biggest cause of global warming and encouraged the West to end its "meat addiction." So, this news should come as great relief to PETA. In fact, this could be an interesting scientific phenonmena and let me the first to theorize a global warming-disease-livestock emission feedback theory or GWDLEFT as I would like it called.

Lots of livestock emissions cause global warming. The global warming in turn pushes diseases northward and begins killing the livestock. Less livestock mean less emissions and therefore less global warming and then perhaps less disease but uh, oh, that may lead to more livestock. So this may be an oscillating phenomena like the big bang-big crunch theory of the universe. Its amazing how nature works. The only caveat I will throw in is the unknown variables of the amount of chemical plasticizers in sex toys, Valentine bouquets, and the number of Polar Bears floating in the city rivers as they become immersed in the forecasted floods (which may eat livestock).

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Adam Pierce said...

Sad thing is, that's about as logical as most other explanations of global warming.