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Friday, February 2, 2007

Follow Up to "Doctors Shrugging"


If you don't believe me that altruism (self-sacrifice) is the dominant morality of our time and want to observe it in its purest most unadulterated form, see the link above and read the "comments" section after the article.

Note the venomous diatribes directed at the "greedy" doctors who dare to not fulfull their "responsibility" to work in the ER (for free), the sarcastic attacks on the so-called doctors' wealth, the calls for outright "socialized medicine", the calls for laws to penalize the doctors, etc. Note the irony of seething hatred being directed at the doctors because of the fact that they are so valuable and so needed. (note my posts under the name "Doug" for a contrast.)

It's as if doctors are simply slaves to be worked like cattle on behalf of anyone who "needs" medical care. To the extent that doctors are to be paid, apparently it is the responsibility of anyone to pay but the recipient of the service which is implicit in the calls for state run medicine.

Doctors are not a special class of slaves and its time they stand up and demand recognition of their right to practice medicine freely and for the rest to appreciate their work and take responsibility for their own health.

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