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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Environmental Police are Coming

There are various efforts under way in Europe to create a global "environmental body" to police and punish "violators" of environmental law. Dr. George Reisman's blog links to an article and discusses this in detail.

Another article discusses the European Court of Justice under the European Commission:
"The Commission's decision this week to create common criminal rules for environmental crimes is seen by some as a sign that Brussels will take full advantage of the court ruling to stealthily advance EU powers."

As Dr. Reisman says:
The meaning of this “effort” is that Chirac is attempting to make an international crime out of attempts to increase production and raise living standards, to the extent that those attempts entail an increase in the discharge of greenhouse gases.This, incidentally, is the same Jacques Chirac who recently announced that he did not consider it particularly dangerous for Iran to have a nuclear bomb or two. (New York Times, Feb. 1, 2007). Nuclear bombs in the hands of lunatics are not a problem for M. Chirac. Sane people, pursuing their material self-interest by means of increasing production—that’s a problem for M. Chirac. That’s what he considers dangerous and needing to be stopped.

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